There is nothing more heartbreaking to find out your grandchild is being bullied.

As a grandparent, you are often one step removed, and have feelings of powerlessness and anxiety when anything bad happens to your grandchildren.

There are, however, some things you can do to proactively help your family deal with the negative effects of bullying.

In this series of articles, we are going to look at practical ways you can support your family, and your grandparents through this difficult time.

Banish Bullying: Listen to your grandchildren
Banish Bullying: Listen to your grandchildren

Always be available to talk and listen

Communicating is a two way street. When your grandchild comes to you and tells you about a problem they are having, always make the time to listen carefully.

If they call out of the blue, and you are busy, make a time and call them back. It is important they know you are reliable and interested in what they have to say.

Allow the child to tell you how they are feeling. Don’t interrupt, and don’t become angry.

Your grandchildren may confide in you because you have already established a trusting relationship with them. They want to be heard, and understood.

Banish Bullying: Listen to your grandchildren
Banish Bullying: Listen to your grandchildren

Be careful about what you promise

Don’t tell them that ‘everything will be okay’ and leave it at that.

Ask your grandchild what they would like to happen. If they respond in a negative way; angry and frustrated, don’t react. This is a normal reaction.

Also ask them what they want you to do? Offer to speak to the school, but double check with mom and dad if they are aware of what is going on, and if so, what processes have been put in place.

Try to help them discover a peaceful way to confront the bully with the school’s guidance.

For more great tips see – What does bullying look like? A grandparents’ guide

For more great tips visit Stop Bullying or talk to your grandchild’s teacher for more information about what their school is doing to combat bullying.

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Banish Bullying: Listen to your grandchildren
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