2017 Author Advent Calendar
Author Advent Calendar

Children’s Authors Advent Calendar

Welcome to our Children’s Authors Advent Calendar for 2017. This is where we showcase some of the best children’s books available. 

When thinking about purchasing gifts for your grandchildren, books are one of the best presents you can buy.

Why? Books last a lifetime, don’t run out of batteries and you can create some very special memories sharing and re-sharing books throughout the year.

So, read on and find out more about today’s fabulous author.

And don’t forget to check all of our wonderful authors and support their fantastic work! There will be a new author each day.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
The Gypsy Curse: Astro’s Adventures

Astro’s Adventures: The Gypsy Curse by Susan Day

In this fun children’s book, The Gypsy Curse, we meet Tinka, the Gypsy Cat, who sets a curse on Astro and the gang. She evens tricks the cunning evil genius, Speed Bump Charlie.

Tinka is able to predict where the dogs are going to stage their next rescue mission. She then sends the dog catcher to capture them and he takes them to the Check Out! The one place all dogs fear!

But how does she know? Does she really have special powers or is it some kind of trick? Will our team realise that there is a spy amongst them? Will they be able to rescue Dingo and the other dogs from the Check Out before it’s too late? Will they be able to find the gypsy camp and stop Tinka before all the dogs are captured?!

In Astro’s Adventures, The Gypsy Curse, we meet again a tunnel digging terrier who carries a diamond encrusted nail file. A large dog for which the complexities of door handles are a complete mystery and who, instead, opens everything with his head. As well as, a commando, khaki wearing Blue heeler who is armed with a hunting bone and a smell grenade.

All are part of a team of dogs who work for a mysterious organisation. This organisation exists without detection and operates right under our very noses. Its sole purpose is to save dogs from neglect and to save each other too!

This is a funny book that will appeal to the young and old(er) at heart.


The Gypsy Curse: Book 5 in the Astro’s Adventures Series (Kindle Edition)

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Astro’s Adventures: The Gypsy Curse by Susan Day

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