2017 Author Advent Calendar
Author Advent Calendar

Children’s Authors Advent Calendar

Welcome to our Children’s Authors Advent Calendar for 2017. This is where we showcase some of the best children’s books available. 

When thinking about purchasing gifts for your grandchildren, books are one of the best presents you can buy.

Why? Books last a lifetime, don’t run out of batteries and you can create some very special memories sharing and re-sharing books throughout the year.

So, read on and find out more about today’s fabulous author.

And don’t forget to check all of our wonderful authors and support their fantastic work! There will be a new author each day.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
Dogs In Space: Astro’s Adventures

Astro’s Adventures: Dogs in Space by Susan Day

Come on! How hard can it be to find a replacement for the moon? Just head into space with a Moon Detector and it should be easy, surely? Well, maybe not for our heroes. They are after all dogs and prone to, well, shall we say, ‘little’ accidents. For example, knocking the spaceship off course; heading directly into the sun, being attacked by aliens… eating all the food supplies in the first hour! And there’s more!

Down on planet Earth things are going well either. Speed Bump Charlie, the most-wicked cat in all the world, has hatched a plot so extreme and so heinous it cannot be recorded here. If you have read the other books in this series you’ll know that he does not like dogs. They spoil his freedom by chasing him up trees and they get far too much attention from their owners.

Worse still they leave slobber in his food bowl. This time Speed Bump Charlie and his side kick, Furball, think they have the best device in the world that will rid the world of dogs forever!

Can Astro and the gang really find a replacement for the moon? Can Speed Bump Charlie use his ingenious device to lure every dog in the world to their doom? And can, Alfie really ‘blow’ the spaceship back on course?


Dogs in Space – Astro’s Adventures Pocket Edition (Paperback)

List Price: $15.95 USD
New From: $15.38 USD In Stock
Used from: $15.33 USD In Stock


Astro’s Adventures: Dogs in Space by Susan Day

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