After falling through the roof of a circus tent our heroes are hounded by wicked, ghostly clowns and things just go from worse to worse.

The dogs belong to a secret organisation which was created to save other dogs from neglect.

So, when they find out that how badly the circus animals are treated they naturally want to help them escape.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
The Haunted Circus: Astro’s Adventures

How can an old cat make things worse?

What Astro and the other dogs don’t realize is that the evil genius, Speed Bump Charlie and Furball, are about to get involved.

They don’t care about the animals or the ghosts. They just want to make the dogs so some awful circus routines.

Stella, the blind dog, is forced to dive off a one hundred foot diving board into a bucket of water.

Astro is made to tumble through hoops of fire and the strongman wants to shoot Alfie out of a cannon. Well, that’s if he can get down the barrel in the first place.

The Haunted Circus: Astro's Adventures
The Haunted Circus

It’s just the ghostly clowns who are wicked

Not only are the clowns evil, but the other circus performers are too.

Little Digger is nearly swallowed by a huge python and Indy is tied to the show lights by a wicked monkey.

With little choice, the dogs have to rescue themselves or should that be each other and save the circus animals.

The Haunted Circus: Astro's Adventures
A hungry lion

The Haunted Circus is an early chapter book which will appeal to your grandchildren in middle grade.

Having said that, it will also bring a smile to anyone who loves an action packed fun story about a group of zany characters, both good and bad.


The Haunted Circus (Paperback)

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Astro and the gang save the circus from ghosts and more!

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