As a grandparent you are always worried about your grandchildren, especially when it comes to developing a love of reading.

You want your grandchildren to love books, and enjoy reading as much as you do. You know how important it is for their education to be able to read well. And, you also know that children can get so much out of reading a book.

However, are you pushing your grandchildren too much?

Are we making it hard for children to fall in love with reading?
Are we making it hard for grandchildren to fall in love with reading?

Should You Be Teaching Your Grandchildren to Read?

Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Ed.D., a professor emerita at Lesley University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, says that parents, and we think grandparents, shouldn’t be fussing over the fundamentals of reading.

While you want your grandkids to learn how to read, and be very good at it, she says that it is more important that we leave the lessons to our grandkids’ teachers and instead, make reading a fun time to be shared by everyone in the family.

She states, “We want to get kids reading, but they are under increasing pressure to do so, and it can overshadow the joy of this wonderful shared activity.”

Don't make it hard for your grandchildren to fall in love with reading
Don’t make it hard for your grandchildren to fall in love with reading

Read and Share Books for Pleasure

Professor Carlsson says that at home reading should be a relaxing activity.

She believes that if parents and grandparents begin to overdo the lessons and force the rules it may spoil a child’s interest in reading.

Books should be used to transport children to other worlds, and take them on new and exciting adventures.

Also, Shanna Schwartz, lead senior staff developer at Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in New York City, says, “If we treat books like they’re magical, kids will grow up believing that too.”

You can start this magic by employing our useful tips – Four Ways You Can Get Your Grandkids Reading for Pleasure


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Are you making it too hard your for grandchildren to fall in love with reading?
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