As grandparents it is essential that we, not only actively engage with our grandchildren, but that we formulate a plan to help them in the future.

The plan may be just for the weeks or months ahead, or it may stretch to years.

What would you include in your plan – start at the end

Start by making a list of things you want to help your grandchild achieve. These will be the end results.

You could look at helping them become a better player at soccer or baseball. Do they dream of being in the state finals or playing on a national level?

If music is their passion, how can you help them become a better musician?  Do they dream of playing in a band or an orchestra?

Perhaps your grandchild is interested in art or building things with their hands. What careers are available to them?

Are you helping your grandchildren prepare for the future?
Are you helping your grandchildren prepare for the future?

Work backwards

Once you have several end-goals in mind, create a timeline working backwards until you get to today. Along the timeline put significant steps which your grandchild will have to overcome.

Now, note what you can do to help them.

Will they need to travel or better training? Do they need more money? If so, you might consider opening an account and popping a few dollars in each month. It will soon add up over the years.

Raising a child takes a village

We’ve all heard of that saying – it takes a village to raise a child. Now, our village is worldwide thanks to our ability to search online for anything we need.

While creating your plan add in topics which you will need to more information about.

And, don’t forget to add other people in your grandchild’s life who can make a significant contribution to the success of your plan for them.

Are you helping your grandchildren prepare for the future?
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