Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 1Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 7

Sharing books and stories with your grandchildren is an excellent way to create memories which will last a lifetime.

Susan Day, children’s author and blogger, is going to share the first book in the Astro’s Adventures series, The Great Escape with us.

Susan began the Astro’s Adventures series of books out of a love dogs and reading. The books were created to inspire children to not only become better readers, but also to become responsible pet owners.

Each week the next instalment will be published here so you can share it with your grandchildren.

All you have to do is find a nice comfy spot, and share this post on your phone or tablet.

Astro’s Adventures: The Great Escape – Astro’s Day of Release

Meanwhile back at Control Centre Commander Rocky sent this message.

From: The Organization

To: Prisoner Astro

Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 11:08 AM

Subject: Top Secret

Dear Prisoner Astro,

We are all very excited with this news of your release.

Try not to look too excited. We don’t want to alert the human to our plans. You may, however, pee on the cat whenever you like.

This latest research may be of interest to you. Alfie has devised another plan to upset the humans. He drinks from the water bowl and then, filling his mouth with water, dribbles it all over the floor. This has made the floor slippery and a hazard. This would result in them falling over, which amuses Alfie no end!

– Commander Rocky

Rocky and Astro Meet At Last

An hour later, in a quiet suburb, a group of people were gathering outside a café with their dogs. Astro’s owner was amongst them. Astro pulled on the leash and looked around for Commander Rocky.

An old Holden Ute pulled up at the traffic lights and tooted its horn. Commander Rocky leapt out of the tray. He barked, “Thanks mate!” and trotted along the footpath towards the café.

Astro began to wag his tail in uncontrollable anticipation. Thankfully his owner was too busy laughing and talking with her friends to notice the change in her dog’s behavior.

“Prisoner Astro?” whispered Commander Rocky.

“Yes!” yelped Astro loudly, and he pulled on his leash. His owner turned around to see what was wrong with him.

“Leave that big dog alone, Astro,” she ordered. “He looks lost and he might bite you.”

Commander Rocky looked at her and rolled his eyes. Then he turned his attention to Astro.

“Settle down Astro and give me the details of your imprisonment,” he said.

Astro Spills the Beans!

Astro threw his head up in the air and took a very deep breath, “Oh My Goodness! You are not going to believe how bad it is. Day after day I’m kept in solitary confinement. It’s been terrible. I am only allowed out to pee. I haven’t felt the sun on my face or the wind in my hair for days and days!”

Commander Rocky listened intently then shook his head disapprovingly.

Astro continued.

“And to make matters worse my human is so lazy she makes me do ALL the gardening. Me?! I fertilize at least 3 times a day, I am constantly watering and I dig out all the weeds. And what do I get for all my hard work? Chastisement, that’s what. I must say the human and I have very different ideas as to what constitutes a weed. Do you think it is our civil duty as canine ambassadors to create awareness of my plight to the doggies of the world?”

“This is remarkable,” said Commander Rocky. “You are right.”

The Fight to Free Imprisoned Dogs Ramps Up!

He turned and he raised himself up on his back legs. “Let the fight to free all mistreated dogs continue!!”

Astro jumped about thrilled with excitement and nearly pulled his owner off her chair, “You said that with the same passion as Mel Gibson did on the battlefield in Braveheart and without the gas I just emitted due to all the excitement!”

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Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 7
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