Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 1Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 6

Sharing books and stories with your grandchildren is an excellent way to create memories which will last a lifetime.

Susan Day, children’s author and blogger, is going to share the first book in the Astro’s Adventures series, The Great Escape with us.

Susan began the Astro’s Adventures series of books out of a love dogs and reading. The books were created to inspire children to not only become better readers, but also to become responsible pet owners.

Each week the next instalment will be published here so you can share it with your grandchildren.

All you have to do is find a nice comfy spot, and share this post on your phone or tablet.

Astro’s Adventures: The Great Escape – A Meeting is Planned

Commander Rocky quickly typed a response:

We await your imminent release, oh Scruffy One… Will it be today?

A few minutes later Astro replied:

YES!! My human has granted day release. We’re about to leave any minute! I am so excited I nearly peed on the cat. However, it does come at a cost. I will have to walk in my shackles as she thinks I am not to be trusted off leash. My human does not know of our true plans. I am so excited!

Commander Rocky shut down the computer screen.

The Team Must Discover the Truth to Save Astro

“Here is our chance, Team. The human is leaving the house with Astro. While they are gone we will be able to find the evidence we need. You will break into the house and take pictures and videos of the torture devices used on this poor dog: like the shackles he mentions. You will collect as much intelligence as you can. I will meet with Astro and we will plan his escape from there.”

Dingo looked around nervously. “What about the cat, Nigel?”

“Leave the feline to me,” snarled Indy. “I will chase it up a tree so fast it won’t know what happened. Then I will climb up the tree and chase it down again!” Indy chuckled at her own devious plan. “And then I will chase it right back up the tree again.”

She threw her head back and laughed ominously. Only Commander Rocky noticed her stroking the hunting bone that hung from her belt.

Alfie burped very loudly. Digger glared at him in disgust and Hans nearly fainted from the terrible smell.

“Listen to this!” Alfie grinned, “I can burp the alphabet!”

He then proceeded to belch out each letter, “AAAaaaaaaaaaa, burrrrrrrppppppppBBBBBBBB, ccccccccccaarrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh.”

“Enough!” barked Commander Rocky loudly. Everyone in the room stopped.

He glared at each of the Operatives.

The Dogs Must be Serious!

“This is an important mission, Canines. It is the one goal of The Organization to free our fellow dogs from mistreatment. You all know what you have to do. Good Luck.”

He turned and left the room with Hans tottering along behind him. The others followed.

Alfie, who gets distracted easily, was under the table trying to find out where the biscuits were and didn’t notice that everyone else had left the room.

“Hey wait for me,” he bellowed. The doors had already started shutting but this didn’t stop Alfie. He lowered his head and crashed straight through them. Once on the other side, he looked around and saw the others further up the corridor.

“Hey, Diggs!” he called out. “Did you see that? I broke right through the doors! It was awesome!”

Alfie bound up the corridor and the walls shook. Several picture frames bumped and slipped and hung crookedly. The last one fell and smashed to the floor.

Find out what happens next…Astro’s Adventures Stories to Share

Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 6
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