Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 5

Sharing books and stories with your grandchildren is an excellent way to create memories which will last a lifetime.

Susan Day, children’s author and blogger, is going to share the first book in the Astro’s Adventures series, The Great Escape with us.

Susan began the Astro’s Adventures series of books out of a love dogs and reading. The books were created to inspire children to not only become better readers, but also to become responsible pet owners.

Each week the next instalment will be published here so you can share it with your grandchildren.

All you have to do is find a nice comfy spot, and share this post on your phone or tablet.

Astro’s Adventures: The Great Escape – The Meeting Begins

Eager to start the meeting, Commander Rocky cleared his throat and tapped at the keyboard.

“Canines!” he announced in a loud voice, “You have all been updated with the details of the mission thus far.” He shot a disapproving look at Alfie who was thumping the table trying to get more biscuits.

He continued, “This is the last message we received from Astro.”

From: Prisoner Astro

To: The Organization

Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 10:00 AM

Subject: My Progress so Far…

Dear Lads,

I have tunneled as you have directed. I cannot believe my luck in this devious scheme. You are correct my human thinks I have gone insane. I did not foresee my good fortune in this matter because it has sent my human insane as well. She continually stares at the floor mumbling something about wrecking her carpet.

I too emit a terrible smell from the tail area, although I must admit the idea of revenge never occurred to me – ingenious lads! On these occasions I thump my tail wildly. This serves as a fan for all to share the smell.

I am usually disappointed with my human’s response. Instead of the predicted pride I would expect at baking such an odor to perfection, she shakes her head, clicks her tongue and starts mumbling about the disgusting smell. I have noticed my human is prone to mumbling more and more often. I am beginning to suspect she is developing a speech impediment.

I have my human completely bluffed. I act heartbroken when she leaves my house, but this is just a smoke screen, fellow canines. I do not want to create any suspicion as to my true purpose of escape.

Cabin fever has set in, for a while I thought my human had re-named me “Pain in the Backside!” I was responding accordingly to my new name, having heard it so frequently, but now it seems she has reverted back to my house name of Astro.

The day of escape is approaching,

Prisoner Astro.

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Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 5
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