Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 1Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 13

Sharing books and stories with your grandchildren is an excellent way to create memories which will last a lifetime.

Susan Day, children’s author and blogger, is going to share the first book in the Astro’s Adventures series, The Great Escape with us.

Susan began the Astro’s Adventures series of books out of a love dogs and reading. The books were created to inspire children to not only become better readers, but also to become responsible pet owners.

Each week the next instalment will be published here so you can share it with your grandchildren.

All you have to do is find a nice comfy spot, and share this post on your phone or tablet.

Astro’s Adventures: The Great Escape – The Video Reveals the Truth

Commander Rocky sat back in his chair and stared at the video.

“Has it occurred to anyone that Astro may be confused?” asked Digger. “He seems to think that he has it rough, but in fact, he appears to be spoilt rotten.”

Commander Rocky turned and glared at Digger. He began to defend Astro, but then he stopped. He sat back in his chair. He rubbed his chin with his paw.

“Come to think of it,” he continued, “when I left the café I looked back over my shoulder and I thought I saw his owner struggling to carry him to the car. I thought I was seeing things, but you could be on to something, Operative Digger.”

“I agree with Digger,” said Indy.

“Me too,” agreed Alfie as he slipped under the table to see where the bowl of dog biscuits were.

Sumo nodded too. “Seen this sort of thing before. Dog gets everything he wants, toys, soft bed to sleep in and lots of food, and still complains. It can happen, Commander Rocky, it can happen, you know.” And with that, he nodded off to asleep again.

The Truth is Revealed!

Commander Rocky sat in silence. Just then, Hans scuttled into the room waving a piece of paper.

“Look! We have the rest of the first email. Our code crackers have managed to decipher the first part that hadn’t come through properly.”

Commander Rocky snatched the paper from Hans who looked around the room a little bewildered. Then he saw the footage playing of Astro’s house and he too, began to realize that something was wrong.

Commander Rocky read the first part of the email they had intercepted from Astro aloud:

“I took Astro for his doggie massage for his leg. In the rain, “Mr. Agile” came bounding up the veranda stairs slipped and stacked full force into the top stair – yep, full force on his sore leg – you know, the one he’d injured on the off leash walks…. Poor little fella is in worse shape than he has ever been. He has to stay inside for two weeks – doctor’s orders…”

Furiously, Commander Rocky jumped up to leave.

The Operatives all leaned forward; eyes wide in fright. Commander Rocky was clearly livid.

“What’s next?” Digger dared ask in a hushed voice.

Commander Rocky stopped an inch short of the door and spun around abruptly.

“Tomorrow I am going to release Astro myself,” he growled.

“But why?” asked Dingo confused. “If we know he’s faking it why not leave him there? He has such a good life.”

“You will see,” answered Commander Rocky, “You will see. No one wastes my time. No one makes a fool out of me! Just make sure you are all assembled at The Check Out first thing in the morning!”

“The Check Out!” they all gasped at once.

Find out what happens next…Astro’s Adventures Stories to Share

Adventures with Astro: Sharing a Love of Books and Dogs by Susan Day Part 13
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