Astro’s Christmas Calamity is like a lot of Christmas stories.

A tragedy occurs, and Santa can’t deliver the presents – you know the drill.

But, Astro’s Christmas Calamity is quite different in so many ways. There is more than one terrible calamity, and after a lot of bungling Christmas is saved not once, but twice!

Astro’s robot tries to ruin Christmas

When Astro’s robot double goes bonkers and pulls Santa’s sleigh out of the sky there is only one hope.

Commander Rocky is called upon to summon his team and they have to deliver the presents on Santa’s behalf.

However, things to amiss when the evil alley cat, Speed Bump Charlie, gangs up with Astro’s robot double and they steal Santa’s sleigh from right under the dogs’ noses.

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A Christmas Calamity: Astro’s Adventures

Can the situation get worse?!

Christmas gifts are deliberately mix up all the presents. These naughty characters steal the Christmas angel from everyone’s tree, and then they write rude things about Santa with people’s Christmas lights!

How do you think these terrible things are put right by our heroes?

Well, Christmas is saved you’ll be pleased to hear, but you are not going to believe what role a young dog called Laddie, and three ducklings play in this action packed, zany adventure.

The characters in this fun children’s books are based on the personalities of real dogs and cats.

They belong to a secret organisation which saves other dogs from neglect.

Christmas Calamity is fun chapter book is bound to be a winner with your grandchildren whether it’s Christmas or not.

Christmas Calamity is the 6th book in the Astro’s Adventures series, and can be read as part of the set or on its own.

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A Christmas story that is going to the dogs! Astro’s Adventures
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