See – 7 tips to keep your grandkids safe online Part 1

Being online is not a safe place for many children. It is full of hackers and crazies wanting to cause havoc and harm to our grandchildren.

However, we can’t stop our grandchildren from using the internet. It is such a big part of their lives, and their future careers.

So, with that in mind, here are a list of things you can do to ensure your grandchild is as safe as possible:

5. Personal information is private

Teach your grandkids that personal information is private.

This includes their address and, of course, telephone numbers, but also details like their pet’s name, what hobbies they do and their favorite food.

While these details may seem innocent enough, they can be put together to build a portfolio which can be used to gain trust and greater access to your grandchild’s life.

keep your grandkids safe online
Keep your grandkids safe online

6. Share the bad stuff

Always be open and honest with your grandchild. This will help establish an atmosphere of trust which will allow them to come to you or their parents when they are confronted with things they encounter that makes them feel uncomfortable.

If you find they have been on a site you don’t approve of don’t get angry. Instead, explain to them why this site is harmful to them.

keep your grandkids safe online
Keep them safe online

7. Shut down bullying

Bullies and the harm the cause online is spreading every day.

It is important that your grandkids learn not to feed their antics, and instead, shut them down before it goes any further.

While many schools have bullying policies in place, it’s important that each home has one too.

Explain what bullying looks like online and teach your grandkids not to respond as this only feeds attention to the bully.

Instead, they should come and show you, or another responsible adult, what they are seeing and allow you to take control.

Refer all school based bullies to the school, and don’t be afraid to tell your grandkids to block them.

Bullying is an unacceptable behavior in and out of school.

Keeping your grandchildren safe online is as important as keeping them safe at home or in your neighbourhood. We are all responsible for their mental and physical well-being. It is not difficult, however, to become proactive and follow the rules suggested here.

See – 7 tips to keep your grandkids safe online Part 1

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