There is no doubt that our grandchildren have taken to modern technology like ducks to water.

My grandson at the age of 3 was searching YouTube for toy demonstrations, for example. Even his parents were a taken back how he managed to find exactly what he was looking for even though he couldn’t read or write that well.

Being online is just not safe for our grandchildren

Sadly, being online is not a safe place for many children. It is full of hackers and crazies wanting to cause havoc and harm to our grandchildren.

Hackers will elicit passwords and banking details, then rob you from the other side of the world.

And, of course, there are also no end of creeps who target vulnerable children in sickening ways.

keep your grandkids safe online
Keep your grandkids safe online

You can’t stop your grandchildren using the net

The news often covers stories of children who have met someone online and ran off with them.

However, we can’t stop our grandchildren from using the internet. It is such a big part of their lives, and their future careers.

So, with that in mind, here are a list of things you can do to ensure your grandchild is as safe as possible:

1. Create rules

Like anything in life there are rules which guide and shape how we use or do something.

Using the internet should not be an exception. It is a right, not a privilege.

Explain what sites are allowed and which are not. And explain why, keeping in mind your grandchild’s age.

Be firm and have realistic punishments if they are broken.

keep your grandkids safe online
Monitor and check all the time

2. Nanny software

There are software applications that block sites that use certain words. It is a good idea to investigate these and put them on your computer. They work in the background, and you won’t know they are there until they are needed.

3. Limit the time spent online

Have a particular time of the day where your grandchild can use the internet safely. Make this a time when you can be there too.

Avoid before school as this may hinder their ability to learn.

4. Share your knowledge of what dangers are out there

Many children just don’t understand what dangers are lurking online.

They trust that people are who they claim to be, and that they have your grandchild’s best interest in mind.

Discuss these aspects with them, and for older children bring incidents to their attention carefully.

You don’t want your grandchildren becoming overly scared or anxious, but they need to be forewarned and armed.

Teach your grandkids to trust their instincts. Tell them if it doesn’t feel right, then leave the site immediately. They have the power to shut down the internet and turn off the computer – tell them it is okay to do that and tell you about it too.

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