If you are looking for puzzles and games you can print off and use next time your grandkids pop over, you are going to love these sites.

If you are like many grandparents and you would love your grandchildren to put away their smartphone or tablet, and get creative with pens and paper, then stay tuned.

We’re not against technology, but we believe that it’s okay to set boundaries when it comes to screen time, and provide entertaining and, dare we say, educational things to do.

1. Boggles World

This is comprehensive website without all the glitz and glamor. The important thing is the vast amount of puzzles on just about any subject your grandchildren are interested in. Click here – Boggles World

2. Astro’s Adventures

This is the site that features all the great books in the Astro’s Adventures series. It also has a lot of activities aimed at middle grade children and up.  The activities and worksheets are based on the Astro’s Adventures books, and are easy to download and print. Click here – Astro’s Adventures

5 websites where you can find great puzzles to share with your grandchildren
Great puzzles to share with your grandchildren

3. Learn English Today

While this site is geared towards students learning English, there are so many valuable resources you will be bound to find something worth downloading. Click here – Learn English Today

4. Kids Learning Village

Kids Learning Village and Activity Village, see below, have a vast amount of worksheets that can be downloaded and used. Kids Learning Village has beautifully crafted and designed materials. They are also available in colour and for a wide variety of ages. Click here – Kids Learning Village

5. Activity Village

While this is a UK based site, the creators have gone out of their way to include many festivals and cultural practises from all over the world.  They have recently added a subscription fee, which is ridiculously cheap for their more premium products, but there are still many activities which can be downloaded for free. Click here – Activity Village

5 websites where you can find great puzzles to share with your grandchildren
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