In this two part series we are going to look at 5 advantages of being able to write English well in detail. You can see Part 1 here

Ensuring that our grandchildren can read and write very well will give them a distinct advantage in today’s world.

Social medial with its short, quirky text and Emojis may be limiting our grandchildren’s ability to comprehend and construct long pieces of writing.

Editing is an extremely important tool to have if they are going to be able to construct their own resumes and letters of introduction, for example.

Prospective employees want to see evidence of how well a person can write.

Also, an employee will be required to communicate in writing with other employees and clients.

When a person receives an email or letter and there are mistakes in it they will think less of the person who wrote it. This is unfortunate because the writer may be very knowledgeable at their job and experienced.

3. Showcase your skills and talents

You can showcase your skills and talents with the written word.

Many students have studied and worked hard to get where they are. When they can write well, they will be able to be understood immediately and a perspective employer will be impressed with their skills.

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5 advantages of being able to write English well

4. Make sure you are heard

If someone needs to complain, writing a clear and concise letter outlining the details of the compliant will get their point across and be a greater advantage.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being understood especially when something is wrong and needs fixing. There might be something wrong with what you have purchased and you need to return it or email a company’s customer service. You may have not received the correct wages and need to contact the payroll officer.

Being able to clearly explain what your issue is in a polite manner will not only help you get the issue resolved but it will happen quicker too.

5. Using clear language to express your ideas

Meaning can be lost in jargon or slang words. English also has many nuances, words, clichés and jargon that may confuse what you are trying to say.


Writing English to an average standard is okay and passable to a degree. However, when written properly the writer will be able to excel in ways that are reserved for those exceptional people amongst us.

See Part 1 here

5 advantages of being able to write English well – Part 2
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