Ensuring that our grandchildren can read and write very well will give them a distinct advantage in today’s world.

Over exposure to social medial may be limiting our grandchildren’s ability to comprehend and construct long pieces of literature.

As well, editing is an extremely important tool to have if they are going to be able to construct their own resumes and letters of introduction, for example.

Prospective employees want to see evidence of how well a person can write.

In most places an employee will be required to communicate in writing with other employees and clients.

When a person receives an email or letter and there are mistakes in it they will think less of the person who wrote it. This is unfortunate because the writer may be very knowledgeable at their job and experienced.

In this two part series we are going to look at 5 advantages of being able to write English well in detail. You can see Part 2 here

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5 advantages of being able to write English well

1. Being understood clearly

If you are writing a letter requesting information or something else it is imperative that it is understood. If you are request replacement of two items, for example, and you talk about “a photocopier” the reader may think you are referring to just one.

Telling someone exactly what your ideas are or what you need in writing can negate any misunderstandings or confusion.

2. Communicating clearly with someone you can’t physically see

You will be able to convey what you want and need to someone you can’t meet in person.

It is easier to get our point across when we are standing in front of someone. Eighty per cent of what we hear we are actually reading via body language. This refers to the look in someone’s eyes; the expression on their face and their hand gestures.

Without these you are left only to the words you write on a page and how you punctuate them. All too often messages are confused by the writer’s lack of understanding of the correct nuances of the English language.


Writing English to an average standard is okay and passable to a degree. However, when written properly the writer will be able to excel in ways that are reserved for those exceptional people amongst us.

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5 advantages of being able to write English well – Part 1
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