Making sure your grandchildren are able to write well in English is a distinct advantage in today’s world.

Many grandparents are worried that social media is limiting their grandchildren’s ability to write well, and to create long, interesting articles or stories.

And rightly so, there are many times when all of us may need to write a letter, put together a resume or create a report that will advance our career.

Prospective employees want to see evidence of how well someone can write. They want their employees to be able to communicate in writing with other employees and clients.

When a person receives an email or letter and there are mistakes in it they will think less of the person who wrote it. This is unfortunate because the writer may be very knowledgeable at their job and experienced. Nonetheless, they will be seen to be silly if they can’t write very well.

5 advantages of being able to write English properly
Children do better when grandparents are involved in their school.

5 advantages of being able to write English properly

1. Be understood

If you are writing a letter requesting information or something else it is imperative that it is understood. If you are requesting replacement of two items, for example, and you talk about “a photocopier” the reader may think you are referring to just one.

2. Make your message clear

All too often messages are confused by the writer’s lack of understanding of the nuances of the English language. Commas if incorrectly placed can change the meaning of a sentence completely.

Eighty per cent of what we hear we are actually reading via body language. This refers to the look in someone’s eyes; the expression on their face and their hand gestures.

Without these you are left only to the words you write on a page and how you punctuate them.

5 advantages of being able to write English properly
Help your grandchildren to be all they can be

3. Showcase their knowledge and skills

If your grandchildren are applying for the career of a lifetime or just a part time job they will want to demonstrate what knowledge and skills they have. When students write well they will be able to clearly state how they are best suited for the job.

4. Get your complaint resolved quickly

Also, if you need to put in a complaint being able to write a clear and concise letter outlining the details will get your point across and be a greater advantage. There is nothing more frustrating than not being understood especially when something is wrong and you need help fixing it.

5. Avoid jargon and slang

English has many nuances, words, clichés and jargon that confuse some readers. I once had to explain to an Iranian student why a bedding company was called Forty Winks (Forty Winks means to take a nap). Understandably, she had no idea what it meant and had taken it literally.

5 advantages of being able to write English properly
Being able to write English properly is a great advantage.

Even though your grandchildren may be young, and not ready to enter into a career the foundations of language development must begin at a young age.

Being able to read and write English properly will set them out from others. It will get them noticed, and will be put them at a greater advantage.

Writing English to an average standard is okay, and students may get by, but writing it properly will mean that they will be able to excel in ways that are reserved for those exceptional people amongst us.

5 advantages of being able to write English properly
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