In this post we are going to look at ways you can encourage your grandchild to read books and develop a reading habit that will stay with them for life.

You have to help them understand how a simple book can change lives for the better. Stories can teach us all so much about other people’s lives. They can take us to places we may never visit, and they can show us how fantastic the human imagination really is.

But how do you do this in the digital world we live in where you are competing against television, video games and the internet?

Well, the answer starts with us, their grandparents.

4 ways you can get your grandchildren to reading for pleasure
Get your grandchildren reading for pleasure

1. Set an example

You have to show them that reading is pleasurable and fun. Do this by actively reading in front of your grandchildren. Read for pleasure any time of the day, and leave your book lying where it can be seen.

2. Get excited about books

Visit bookshops and online retailers and talk about the books that are for sale. Perhaps create a wish list with your grandchild, and discuss what would be the best way to purchase these books together.

3. Share snippets

Share snippets or passages in the books you are reading now. While the book you are reading may not be suitable for a child, you could share well-written passages or caricatures.

4. Ask questions

Ask questions about what your grandchild is reading. Don’t ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. rather ask them to tell you about the plot; who is their favorite character?

4 ways you can get your grandchildren reading for pleasure
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