We grew up in a different world from our children, and an even more different world that our grandchildren.

It is often sometimes difficult for grandparents to connect emotionally with those we love because of the changes in social norms and cultural practices.

Our school experiences were much different and children face more challenges today.

Whether your child is dux of the school or finding learning a challenge, these 4 tips from Grandmatters will certainly help you connect with them.

1. Visit your grandchild’s school at least once this month or visit the school’s website

This may not be possible because of distance, but many schools have websites.

Look up what has been going on at their school and discuss it with your grandchild.

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4 ways grandparents can connect with their grandkids’ school

2. Write an encouraging note or e-mail to your grandchild’s teacher.

Teachers really appreciate small acts of gratitude.

They normally get gifts at the end of the year, but a small note from you will make the world of difference to them.

3. Leave an “I love and appreciate you because …” note for your grandchild in his or her lunchbox

Can you imagine how precious this would become as your grandchild grows?

You don’t have to go overboard either.

Keep notes short and to the point because often, less is more.

If you want your grandchild to be a good reader, leave books for them to find!
Children do better when grandparents are involved in their school.

4. Learn the names and something about your grandchild’s 3 best friends

Being interested in what interests them, is a sure-fired way of engaging with your grandchild in a positive way.

If they know you are interested in them and their friends, they will more than likely open up and share their thoughts and dreams with you.


4 ways grandparents can connect with their grandkids’ school
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